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Doing Something Big

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  • Lanham, MD 20706
  • 703-919-6770

    Our Mission for Supporting Veterans

    To make an impactful contribution to the quality of care for our Veterans of today and tomorrow.

    Our mission is powered by :

    • Life experiences as Veterans
    • Collaboration and consultation with Veterans and Veteran Service Organizations
    • Insight as former VA executives

    Our mission is founded on an unyielding passion for Veterans that is driven by a five-point “AACTE” commitment:

    • Accountability
    • Agility
    • Client Focus
    • Transformation
    • Excellence

    Support for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

    DSB Services Align with VA’s Strategic Plan and Objectives

    • Ensuring that benefits and support keep pace with the evolving needs of our Veterans (short-term needs and long-term issues)
    • Minimizing Eliminating barriers to quality healthcare, benefits, and services
    • Creating more agile, results-oriented environments for organizations by:
    • Providing data to support evidence-based decisions
    • Strengthening collaboration, engagement, and communication, internally and externally
    • Supporting regular performance monitoring and evaluation

    For DSB, it’s about the Veteran! It is about getting it right! That is why we have garnered the best combination of talent and services to help VA deliver on a promise of “taking care of those who have taken care of our country…”

    Our Veterans!