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Doing Something Big

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    We Are Veterans Doing Something Big

    Our Mission

    To provide impactful strategies and services that position organizations to better meet the current and future needs of their customers and constituencies.

    A Preferred Solutions Provider

    Doing Something Big (DSB) is a Woman-Owned, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business. DSB was formed to apply its passion, unique capabilities, and experience to identify and mitigate gaps in practices, policies, and regulations that could impede quality service delivery to organizations’ customer base.

    DSB implements proven methodologies that drive growth, transformation, and innovation across disciplines including consulting, business process improvement, employee engagement, and performance management systems. To assist your organization, we apply our venerable past performance in a plethora of specialized service areas such as:

    • Policy review, analyses, planning, and development support
    • Congressional inquiries support
    • Legislative agenda development
    • Impact studies that assess organizations and their missions and strategic plans

    Working with “big data” and our subject matter experts, DSB creates predictive models that help determine trends, facilitate fact-based conclusions, and make realistic recommendations to validate tactical and strategic decisions.

    Building on industry best practices, DSB uses state-of-the-art technologies to collect and analyze data to define and shape policies and practices that support current and future service offerings and delivery.

    Background And Purpose

    Today more than ever, organizations serving large constituencies, while adhering to mandates, laws, and oversight, must align current and future programs and service offerings with changing customer needs and stakeholder interests.

    To be most effective, organizations need to know:

    • Which programs and services will need to be expanded, created, reduced or jettisoned;
    • What impact these changes will have on human capital needs, facilities, budgets, and technology investments; and
    • What other considerations are required for proper organizational planning and resource allocation.

    The Solution

    A thorough, in-depth analysis by independent and objective experts with no biases is the most credible approach to obtaining the answers to those critical questions that drive customer satisfaction.

    DSB’s analyses provides the foundation for reliable, fact-based decisions to generate updated policies, programs, proposed actions, and improved services. The resulting decisions more accurately meet customers’ and stakeholders’ needs in a more targeted and focused manner.

    The result─ongoing customer satisfaction as the operational environment and customers' needs change due to technological advances and other factors. Our periodic reviews help address and adapt to those changes while elevating your organization’s relevance and resilience.

    Core Competencies